“I’m safe” self-assessment

Checklists & Airmanship

As aviation uses checklists often and it is a very important tool in the daily life of a pilot, I would like to present you a very useful one.

It is intended for self-assessment of being capable to conduct a flight today. The so called “I’M SAFE” check is very common in aviation and should be known by everyone controlling or learning to control an aircraft.

I'M SAFE checklist
IM SAFE checklist for aviation

Before going for a day in thinner air you should check all bullet points mentioned above. It helps to keep an eye on all different aspects of your physical and mental status. In case you cannot answer all points positively you should think about canceling the flight.

Always keep in mind:

It’s not just about you, it’s also about the ones remaining on the ground and around you who might be affected! Keep your airmanship as good as possible.

Give it a try before your next flight and stay saver than before. Please also feel free to share this article and checklist.


Happy Landings!


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