5 dangerous attitudes in aviation

We are all humans

There are certain attitudes we all have. Some of them impose a risk in aviation. Especially when they are not ‘balanced’ with opposite behaviour.

It seems that we simply ‘are who we are’ – but does this mean that we cannot change ourselves in a positive manner?

Self-assessment, honesty and time are maybe the best tools to change ourselves and our behaviour (at least in aviation) on a long term basis.


The hazardous / dangerous 5

So what are those dangerous attitudes in aviation? They are:

  • anti-authority – “Don’t tell me what I’ve to do!”
  • impulsivity – “I need to react now!”
  • invulnerability – “This can’t happen to me!”
  • Machismo – “Come on, I’ll show you how it’s done!”
  • Resignation – “There’s nothing more I can do!”

You may think now “Hm, I’m prone to all of them – at least a little”. But this is okay. It is normal. It only depends how much or let’s say to what extent these attitudes are distinct.

And what can we do now to prevent the worst in aviation if we all are prone to these behaviourial patterns?

dangerous / hazardous attitudes in aviation

The solution or at least the approach

First we should try to self-reflect which of these attitudes apply to us and to what extent. This self-test could help to assess ourselves.

Now it would be good to think about situations we’ve been to and where these attitudes became obvious. There may be not so many but eventually at least one or two – let’s be honest.

-> How else could we have solved this?

During flying and especially during the initial training there may not be the time or mental capacity to really think about past situations – and honestly: we should think about what will come next during flying and try being ahead the airplane…….

Nevertheless we should keep the following in mind:

  • we follow the rules
  • think twice before taking any action
  • it can also happen to us
  • we don’t have to prove anything to anyone
  • there is always a solution

When we apply all these simple rules or keep them in mind, we will be safer. And this is what really matters.

You can download the complete infografic for free (as PDF). Spread the word, share this article since it may be useful to other pilots / students as well.

Always fly safe, Happy Landings!




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