Survey – the results

The survey itself

First of all, thank you very much for participating the survey “the hardest parts of pilot training“!

This little questionaire was intended to reflect the difficulty of different parts of training as seen by student pilots. The survey was open for 1 week and had participants from all around the world. So it does not show local differences.

The results

I would like to give you a brief overview of the results (screenshot):

Survey results “hardest part of pilot training”

So it is interesting that obviously many pilots had to struggle with landings. Also ATC communication seems to be difficult in the beginning.

But the best insight comes from the “Other” answers:

Survey results “hardest part of pilot training” other answers

A very interesting answer was regarding judgment and risk management:

This is indeed maybe the most difficult part to train and to learn. Also very experienced pilots can still improve a lot. This is linked to human behaviour and our general psychical constitution. You can get a brief insight via this article.

Beside that, of course, money is an issue in aviation.

“In aviation you can make a small fortune – if you had a big one before!”

It was indeed a very interesting insight, although it was just a brief one. More (specialized) surveys will follow!

Happy Landings!



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